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ikonographic is not just a photo capture application for your iPhone. It is a system that allows you to simply capture and annotate images—making it possible to sort and search brand images like never before. Here's how it works...

The description section

Select one that best describes your capture:

Logo Close-up of a logo

Marketing This might be a brochure, billboard, advertisement or any kind of physical marketing material

Event Street teams, sponsorships, and other kinds of event-based marketing

Product Tangible products, product containers and packaging

Place Retail stores, branded stadiums, etc.

Mascot Brand representatives like Mr. Peanut, The Michelin Man (Bibendum), and Ronald McDonald

You may select as many as are appropriate:

Existing Current brand in use

Update An update to the design of an existing brand

New A new brand introduction

Dead brand A brand that no longer exists or is inactive

Vintage A historical example of a brand

Rip-off/error A brand that is 'stealing' brand equity from a famous brand or a well-intentioned but poor representation of a brand

Select one:

The material in my photo helps me...

...know the brand exists
The application shown is designed to build awareness for the brand. For example, broadcast advertising, service vans, uniforms, and billboards are used to create awareness.

...begin to understand the brand
The application shown is designed to build familiarity with the brand. Websites are a great example. If you've seen something that sparks your interest, you will often go to the web to become more familiar with the product or offer. the brand with competitors
You will find ads, brochures, taste-tests, and other communications that explicity compare one brand versus another.

...decide to choose the brand
Some marketing and communications are designed to "close the deal." It might be a coupon or special offer, special event, glossy brochure, or sampling.

...use the product or service
This area is often overlooked. Product instructions and manuals, application forms, brokerage statements, warrantee service, product interface design, and service centers (e.g., Genius Bar) all qualify. Tag anything that is part of the use and maintainance of the product or service.

...become loyal to the brand
Membership rewards, special (platinum!) card designs, limited editions, mascots, sponsorships—anything that goes beyond the everyday to lock you into a product or service.

The Opinion Section

Click and drag the sliders to reflect your personal opinion on the level of innovation, effectiveness and quality of design.

The Location Section

Select Yes, geotag this location if your capture is a brand example that others might want to visit—such as the giant Pepsi sign on the New Jersey waterfront, Legoland in California, or the Bibendum restaurant in Paris. If it cannot be physically visited by others, do not select this option!

Note: The first time you create a capture, the application will ask you to use "location services." You must allow it for this and other searching features to work. If you don't allow it, you can reset the option in your phone's Settings app.