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We are ikon hunters with iPhone in hand*. Searching for the good, bad, and ugly in branding.

Every capture adds to our knowledge of brands "in the wild." Every capture helps us to better understand how brands live and evolve across the planet. Thanks for adding your view.

We founded ikonographic to harness the power of community, of crowdsourcing, to create a global window on the life of brands. As you, and thousands of brand professionals and enthusiasts like you, become "ikonographers", the view out that window becomes ever clearer.

Imagine the possibilities. As we all contribute images and impressions of brands around the world, it becomes possible to search, see, and understand what's happening "in the wild." Unlike the staged and studio images submitted to design and branding competitions, ikonographic will depict what is real and true in the marketplace—in all its messy, imperfect glory. This is the place to capture and share what people really see and experience.

From time to time, we will post missions under the "ikonMobs" tab. We might ask all ikonographers to seek and capture examples of a new brand as it is introduced or send the whole community on a brand scavenger hunt. We hope you'll join in.

We're just getting started. Please be patient as we listen, learn, and refine ikonographic. You can reach us by email at or Let us know what you're thinking and how we can improve the iphone app and this site. Many thanks.

Scott Lerman
Jeof Oyster

* Our free app for iPhone® and iPod touch® makes it easy to capture and annotate brand captures on the go. But you can use any digital camera, upload the images to this site, and add your notes here.

Scott Lerman has been creating and evolving corporate brands for over two decades—leading major programs for clients like, American Express, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Owens-Illinois, Caja España, DuPont, National Semiconductor, and Apple.

Today, he is CEO of Lucid Brands. (Having previously held the roles of CEO of Enterprise IG Americas and President of Siegel & Gale.) Scott sits on the executive board of the AIGA’s branding chapter, is a part of the DMI advisory council, and is a founding faculty member of SVA’s MPS (Masters) in Branding program.

Jeof Oyster is an interactive strategist focusing on developing digitally-enhanced experiences across many kinds of mediums. He's built solutions for Comcast, Diageo,, Oncor. He founded Mighty Ants Interactive in 2008, building out the awesome ideas of his clients and partners.